"Some bands aim for your ears, some for your brain, some for your heart. Await Rescue aims for your sternum." – Marc Hirsh (Boston Globe, NPR)

Await Rescue will give you a break from whatever you are listening to.  They aren’t over-produced pop, don’t play into the retro crazes currently overtaking music, and cannot stomach the modern “Rock” sound that has embarrassed the genre they love so much.  Instead, Await Rescue’s sound can best be described as the stadium-sized hooks and songwriting sensibilities of Foo Fighters meet the aggression and raw energy of Every Time I Die.

The Boston-based band was recently voted "Best Live Show of 2014" by Do617 and was a finalist in the 35th Annual Rock 'N' Roll Rumble.  Additionally, Await Rescue has released four albums, toured the East Coast, sold out shows at The Middle East Nightclub, T.T. the Bear's Place, Bill’s Bar, and The Magic Room, had the song "Stars and Suns" retired from 100.7 FM WZLX after it was voted into the Boston Emissions Top 5 for 11 consecutive weeks (March – June 2013), and landed feature song placements on various major cable networks.  

As part of their winnings from the Rock 'N' Roll Rumble, Await Rescue has been recording two pairs of new songs with producers Sean McLaughlin (New England Music Awards Producer of the Year) and Jon Taft (New Alliance East.)  These four new songs are set to be released in early 2015 and will build on the "Forms of Flight" single's and "Everyone You Know " EP's raw, rock sounds that were so well received.  The new music was road tested over the better part of the last year and will showcase a more refined, aggressive sound that reaffirms that while other bands have been busy genre hopping, Await Rescue has been in the rehearsal space with blinders on crafting music that resonates with their rock roots.  

With 2014 squarely in the rearview, Await Rescue is fully prepared to make 2015 an even bigger year.  All four members constantly feel a pressure to gain ground and to prove themselves in the oversaturated and hyper-pressurized music scene, and in that spirit, Await Rescue will load up the trailer, make sure it’s locked, and take their songs to any sweaty venue willing to have them.  God bless Rock ‘n’ Roll.





JOHNNY – Vox/Guitar


ANDREW – Guitar


COREY – Bass


MATT – Drums