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Middle East Upstairs Pics from August 15th courtesy of Daykamp Music

25 Aug

Thanks to Daykamp Music for showing up and making us look like real rock dudes! Stay tuned for an update real soon on new shows and new music. Back to the studio in October! 

Click the pic for more live action.

The Show Must Go On!!

8 Jul

Unfortunately, GOZU had to bail on this Friday's show at Middle East Upstairs due to injury (Get well soon Marc!) but we're stepping up and taking their spot alongside Township and The Silks! Click below for Facebook event, tickets and more info.


$10, 18+

New Show Announced! 8/15 @ Middle East Upstairs

22 Jun

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One Last Time: Thank You, Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble

30 Apr

We all needed a few days to recover from the Rock 'n' Roll Rumble but we wanted to say thank you to everyone who was involved, Anngelle Wood & Boston Emissions with Anngelle Wood for putting this whole thing together, the stage managers for making us feel like we were cool enough to have real roadies, TT The Bear's Place Inc and all the staff for hosting, Daykamp Music for all the pics and write-ups, Michael Marotta and Vanyaland & Jed Gottlieb and Guestlisted for all the kind words, DigBoston for bringing us all a little closer, BDCwire FOR ALL THE LOLZ, Barry Hite – the greatest sound guy in the business for making us sound like a real rock and roll band should, Pabst Blue Ribbon for the booze sodas, all the bands & especially Petty Morals and Goddamn Draculas (Congrats guys! See you in August!) for showing us what real rock and roll is all about, and to everyone who came to the shows and rocked out with us. What an awesome, unexpected ride! We hope you all had nearly as much fun as we did! #RUMBLE35

Await Rescue Advance to Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble Finals

21 Apr

Await Rescue Rock 'N' Roll Rumble

What. A. Ride.

We cannot explain how we made it to the Finals of the 35th Rock 'N' Roll Rumble or what it means to be one of the last 3 bands standing, but we can tell you that it is an absolute honor and completely humbling in every sense of the word.

We never expected to be selected to take part in The Rumble to begin with, and we sure as hell didn't expect or predict that we would make out of the first round let alone make all the way to the finals.

If there is anything to be taken away from all of this, it is that The Rumble is completely unpredictable and our journey to the finals only goes to further highlight this fact.  So we cannot predict how this final night will shake out, but we can guarantee that we will rock out harder than we ever have before and that there will be plenty of faces made like the one above during our 30 minutes onstage this Friday night.

See you at T.T the Bear's for one last time.

Thank you.