"Some bands aim for your ears, some for your brain, some for your heart.  Await Rescue aims for your sternum."

– Marc Hirsh – NPR, Boston Globe


"Await Rescue's new E.P. "Everyone You Know" is unvarnished hard rock. I waited for the gimmick. The ironic cover. The maybe-we-need-a-ballad limp spot. Or one of those novelty choruses Buckcherry is so good at.

Nothing. Just solid, speaker-rattling rock. Tears of joy splattered my Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, and Audioslave records.

And while the band keeps everything pretty heavy, "Everyone You Know" isn't monochrome.

"Stars and Suns" and "All She Needs" bring down the tempos without sacrificing any of the fuzz 'n' buzz. For blinding fury, the band serves up "Thanks, But No Thanks." "Better Off" builds on a heavy-hitting blues riff and primal beat. And shades of Page linger in the urgency of "Built to Roam."

The title track is where the band pulls it all together, opening with a few verses of deceiving calm that slowly turns to rage as Cutulle uncorks an indictment. It's all a little dark and murky, but the energy just soars as the song barrels along.

Nothing fussy here, nothing over thought or overwrought. And definitely no gimmicks."

– Scott McLennan, Boston Globe – Boston By Beat


"Power pop with a thrash twist. Hear me out. Not a twist like a flourish, but a twist like in a cocktail. Power pop is the base, but it’s the thrash that you smell and taste and love. Let me simplify: Hook, hook, hook, headbang, hook."

– Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald – Guestlisted


"True to their own form, "Forms of Flight" is no-frills riff parade that harkens back to a more straight-forward, bullshit-free period of rock and roll."

– Michael Marotta, Vanyaland


"Await Rescue dropped "Everyone You Know" last month, and boy, is it refreshing. Like the Foo Fighters before them (not to mention other bands of that pedigree) they meld pop hooks with the fire of rock ‘n’ roll, resulting in a well-oiled and propulsive machine.  When they occasionally take their collective foot off of the gas, like on the ballad-type “All She Needs,” the results are just as strong as the harder-hitting rock songs. But it’s these very rockers, such as “Better Off” or the title cut, “Everyone You Know,”  that really form the album’s backbone or heartbeat or whichever body part. If you’re lookin’ for some good ol’ ass-kicking rock, they’ll gladly kick."

– Justin Rogers, DigBoston


 "…The crowd was amped up and the band sang electric… Await Rescue crossed the line from being musicians to performing artists…"

– Mutiny on the Microphone


"Await Rescue is an Alt Rock band that isn’t afraid to push the limits in songwriting and performance. It is refreshing to hear a band that truly knows how to properly add “Athematic” choruses to their songs."

– Daily Unsigned


"Everyone You Know is the equivalent of a molotov cocktail exploding on your eardrums, this 6 song EP is chock full of great songs that show off Await Rescue's incredible talent as musicians and songwriters." RATED 3.8/4.0

– Senseitional, I Am Entertainment Magazine


"Await Rescue is superb and you shouldn't go through life without hearing Everyone You Know. I couldn't find a single fault with the EP. The band can count this reviewer as a buyer when Everyone You Know is released."

– Craig Wettner – Blogs N' Roses


"It isn’t everyday that a band releases something that jumps right out at you and slaps you in the ears… Nothing synthesized, or made up.  Just raw emotions pouring out into the hard disk.  This is why you should be telling Everyone You Know about this record."

– Mike Gordon – Electric Lighthouse Records


"Await Rescue showcases their dedication and unmistakable talent with a commanding record of penetrating rock and roll; a rejuvenating concept in an otherwise indie rock-laden local music scene… The perfect storm of passion, melody and energy, Await Rescue provides a hardy rock and roll set, and is a must see Boston band."

– Bishop and Rook Blog


"Everyone You Know is hard, heavy rock music. There are no unnecessary frills to distract the listener from their solid melodies, but definitely don’t take that to mean the music is simple. Complex harmonies and structures are satisfying on a musical level while their intensity satisfies on that lizard-brain level where you just want to scream along."

– Ten Miles Music Blog


"The metallic energy of “Built To Roam” belies its solid harmonic structure and commitment to, yes, melody. It’s almost as if the song has different gears to slip into, largely signified by variants on the tempo…The track runs from complex equations to what almost equates to an arena-style anthem in the space of a few measures, and this dynamic keeps the track from leaning too far in either direction, sitting it comfortably in the driver’s seat with its foot on the gas and its finger on the turbo-boost button."

-C.D. On Songs,


"Well produced, well performed, and I see no reason why this couldn’t be played on any modern rock station… " 

– Slimedog,


"This hard rock quintet from our very own Boston blew me away. From start to finish they dove through some of the most innovative experimental music I have heard… the entire set was full of well-executed complex song writing, powerful energy, and great stage presence. There was no weak link…" 

– Nick Grieco,


"Await Rescue hits the ground running on Hold the Ground and doesn’t let up throughout their 8 song EP. Jacob Yackshaw’s jazz-flavored bass lines provide some nice low end support and give the rest of the band room to soar. If you’re looking for a hard rock antidote to that indie/pop/electro flavor of the month, this is it."

– Cullen Corley,


"Await Rescue is rightfully gaining the plaudits they deserve in Boston, Massachusetts with the band's blend of alternative rock." 

– Sam Agini,


"Await Rescue have solidified their position among Boston’s best acts with their latest release, the bonus edition of their Hold The Ground EP… Peppering the familiar sound of bands like the Foo Fighters and Incubus with experimental twists and turns, Await Rescue refuse to hold back musically or lyrically."

– Rock 'n' Roll Call,


“Locals Await Rescue thrashed in their set with red-in-the-neck throat screams by singer Johnny Cutulle in the dark beauty of Rock ballads at high speed.  Frantic use of cymbals and Zen indie riffs played into syncopated slash guitar, making their time on stage the most romantic of the night.”

Performer Magazine July 2012, Carolyn Vallejo


"…very well done.  The band’s dual guitar interplay is impressive and they rely on melody and arranging to carry things along, not cheap theatrics or boring, over-the-top shredding… Hold The Ground began as a six-then eight-song EP and is a solid foundation for a promising future."

-Progression Magazine (Sping 2012 – Issue 63), Rick Tvedt


"Indie rock band Await Rescue rock with a wild abandon that is missing on the radio in 2012… The music is right in the pocket, and with influences that run the gamut from Queens of the Stone Age to Ted Nugent they deliver a new product that adds a twist to the alternative/progressive edge…"

– Joe Viglione – TMR Zoo